Three Color Car Pickup Taillight

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 Triple Row LED Truck Tailgate Light 

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This is a 60-inch three-row three-color Car Pickup Taillight. It is easy to install and has a universal fit for most pickup trucks. With three LED rows, it is super bright and provides superior illumination for your truck. Three rows of three-color running water pickup box light bar. Enhancing safety with higher visibility and reducing accidents in bad weather.

Row LED Tailgate Light Bar tucks into the recess between your tailgate and bumper for avoiding traffic collisions, and illuminates in conjunction with your truck’s brake lights, turn signals, reverse lights, and running lights. The truck tailgate light comes with double-sided foam tape, just affix the tape and tailor the installation to your vehicle. 


  • The red line picks up the car and reverses the positive pole. The brown line is the shared negative pole.
  • Working voltage: DC12-16V Current is 3A Packing size: 18X18X2.5CM Weight: 216G
  • Product lamp beads: 2835 Sanan Light bar parameters: 432 lights Red (144) Yellow (144) White (144)
  • Turn right (5+2) left turn water (5+3) double flash (3+2) brake (5+3+2) day line (4+5)
  • The brown wire can be connected to the 12V negative electrode. If it is not connected to the car, it will work with the positive electrode and the 1.2.3 foot.
  • Support all existing cars in the market, with built-in decoding (Ford, Dodge, Chevrolet, JMC)


  • Dimensions : 150CX22X8 (mm)
  • Current: 2 (A)
  • Service life: 30000 (hours)
  • Luminous flux: 1800
  • Light source: 2835
  • Color temperature: red, yellow, and white
  • Applicable models: Pickup truck


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