Super Bright Reversing Car 12v Brake Lamp

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Super Bright Reversing Light

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The Reversing Car Brake Lamp uses a high-power chip. The ultra-thin plate shape design makes the installation better, the illumination is more uniform, and the spot shape is avoided. LED has no filament, good heat dissipation, small current, and small heat generation, and the vehicle circuit is not easy to oxidize.

Keep your car safe on the road with the Car 12v Brake Lamp. This super Bright Reversing Light is designed to give you maximum visibility while you're on the go. With 45 SMD 4014 LED bulbs, it's one of the brightest and most reliable reversing lights on the market. And thanks to its Canbus technology, it won't cause any error messages on your car's system.


  • No delay in lighting, high light purity, strong color rendering, and penetration.
  • The use of LED light-emitting diodes, and low power consumption, can better protect automotive circuits.
  • Strong earthquake resistance, and low-temperature rise, are a new generation of revolutionary solid-state light sources.


  • Product voltage: 10-24V DC 
  • Irradiation angle: 360 degrees
  • Size: 25mm long, 9mm bias socket, 12mm maximum diameter
  • Socket Base Type: T15 / W16W
  • LED Type: 4014 Led chip
  • Number of LED chips: 45pcs
  • Type: LED Replacement Bulb

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