Portable 19 In 1 Mini Snowflake Tool Spanner

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Mini Snowflake Tool Spanner Tool

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The Portable Mini Snowflake Tool diameter is only 6.4m. It is getting smaller and smaller. It is convenient to carry the keyring with you. You can hang the tool on a wrench or backpack. Very useful. Combining functionality and design, the perfect shape of nature is reflected in our versatile tools; hanging the multi-tool on the key or backpack to absorb the power of nature.

The Snowflake Spanner Multi-tools can be used for routine maintenance, opening beer bottles, and tightening screws such as skis, bicycles, etc. It can also be used for outdoor activities such as camping, rescue, and more. This is very easy to be taken along with and can be as a gift; a keyring is included in the package, and you can be hung it on a key or backpack, which will avoid the loss risk.


  1. Made of selected stainless steel. Corrosion-resistant, not easy to rust. The surface is polished and polished. He felt around and resisted.
  2. Each tool has more than 12 uses, which can be used naturally at home, repairing bicycles, opening bottle caps, etc.


  • Material: 402 stainless steel
  • Color: as shown below
  • Size: 6.4 * 6.4cm

Package Includes:

  • Snow Wrench x1

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