High quality Car Auto Dent Repair

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Heavy Duty Car Dent Remover

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This Dent Repair Kit is perfect for those annoying door dings and Hail damage. The PDR process requires no sanding, body fillers, or painting, which keeps your car's original finish intact. This dent repair kit includes everything you need to make those unsightly dents and dings disappear!

This Handle Suction Cup Lifter is a great dent puller as well as the ideal tool for moving flat objects in any home garage or professional body shop! The Suction Cup Lifter features a single-stroke pump action for convenience, durable handles, and an impact-resistant housing to withstand work site abuse. Soft rubber cup forms seal with thick rubber base on most flat, non-porous surfaces; close handle to create a powerful vacuum.



  • Powerful phone disassemble screen sucker, universal phone screen, and quality assurance!
  • Scope of application: glass, stone, ceramic, car shell, mobile computer, and other smooth surfaces of the screen without uneven non-porous objects can suck 10KG objects
  • High-quality plastic production, feel good, long life;
  • Direct manual absorption, to draw screen lenses and small products are particularly Convenient, simple operation, protection of components, is a good helper work!
  • Disassembly of large-screen mobile phone, Imitation stop the touch screen, LCD screen.

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