HD Car Anti-Glare Day & Night Vision Driving Visor

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Day & Night Vision Driving Visor

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Drive without fear of the sun's harsh rays or oncoming headlights with this HD Car Anti-glare Driving Visor. This visor fits most cars and SUVs and is easy to install with the included Velcro strips. The HD lenses provide a clear view day or night, while the anti-glare feature protects your eyes from the sun's harmful rays. With this Anti-Glare Visor, you'll be able to drive with confidence knowing you have a clear view of the road ahead.

The Car HD Sun Visor in this car blocks the sun lights during the day and filters the car lights at night. Can be used in any season. It can protect your eyes when you are driving to prevent sudden glare under direct sunlight or direct light. You will enjoy the driving pleasure of using the sun visor.


  • At different levels of effective anti-dazzle degree.
  • Eyes comfort, relieve eye fatigue, and effectively protect the safety of driving under strong light.
  • Blocking the car light at night.
  • Shading the sunshine during the day.
  • Fatigue, to reduce the harmful light of visual stimuli.
  • Installation is simple and portable.


  • Type : Car Sun Visors
  • Material  : PP & TPR
  • Quantity  : 1 pcs
  • Color  :  Yellow, Transparent gray
  • Use : Daytime and Night
  • Adjustable Clip Range 11.5-19cm / 4.5~7.5"
  • Mirror Size : 32*11*0.2cm / 12.6*4.3*0.1"
  • Item Size :  32*16*6cm / 12.6*6.3*2.4"
  • Net Weight :  0.285kg / 10oz


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