Car Door Opening Warning LED Strip Light

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Car Interior Door Welcome Light

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This LED Strip Light is designed to help you avoid those costly door dings. It's easy to install and comes with everything you need for a seamless installation. The LED strip light runs off your car's power and turns on automatically when your doors are opened. It's an easy and affordable way to protect your car doors from expensive dings and scratches.

The Car Door Light Bar will light up with the opening of the car door, with a strobe effect, to remind the rear to come to the car, to improve safety. The bottom of the car light is white-lighted, the light projects on the ground so that you can see the ground clearly when you get off the car, avoiding stepping on water or garbage.


  • Easy Installation
  • High Quality 2835 LED Beads
  • Low power consumption
  • Long Life SpanStrobe Flashing
  • Anti Rear-end Collision Safety Lamps
  • Anti-Collision, Flashing Alarm
  • Waterproof, Dust-proof
  • Wiring: Red wire connect positive, a yellow wire connects negative.

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