Car Diamond Crystal Wax

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New Car Again Auto Fix Wax

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Give full play to the molecular extension characteristics, forms a solid adhesion maintenance layer on the surface of the car paint, avoid the problem that the gloss of Ordinary Waxes remains relatively short, the fold thank is not obvious, can effectively restore the luster of the new car!

The effect lasts for months! This Diamond Crystal Wax makes the car resistant to acid rain and air erosion caused by harsh environmental pollution in all weather conditions and makes the paintwork last as long as new. Make full use of the biomolecular properties of silicone resin, Brazilian carnauba wax, and acrylic silicofluoride incorporate nano-technology, add ASF polymer, and adjust the polymeric structure of the molecules.


  • Material: Palm wax
  • Capacity: 200 (ml)
  • Net weight: 200 (g)
  • Shelf life: 3 years
  • Type: solid
  • Model: black, white

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