Magnetic Therapy Relief Magnetic Socks

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Unisex Therapy Relief Magnetic Socks

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Electric Stone Socks relieve leg fatigue, and pain, regulate the nervous system, self-heat, remove moisture, prevent leg swelling and foot peeling, generate static foot massage, and regulate blood flow. The bottom socks are designed with tourmaline, which can be heated by yourself to relax the feet in cold weather.

Therapy Relief Magnetic Socks are ideal for outdoor activities like skiing, snowboarding, hiking, hockey, and other sports. Made of high-quality polyester-cotton, it is soft and comfortable and has a long service life. Arch compression provides a secure fit in the shoe. Sock cushioning makes for a comfortable fit.


  • Excellent varicose tools, as well as kidney failure.
  • Good treatment of ankles and feet during freezing.
  • Warnings. In any timely use of the day. Run in wash hot water without detergent.


  • Colour: White, red, black
  • Effect: Anti-fatigue
  • Massage socks: healthy socks
  • Materials: Tourmaline, polyester cotton

Package Includes:

  • A pair of socks

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